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Safeguard your digital assets and online presence with our cutting-edge cyber & online security services in Ontario, offering comprehensive protection against cyber threats and ensuring your data remains secure.

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Online Protection & Investigative Services

The scope of cybercrime is staggering. Potential losses due to computer-based financial fraud and theft of corporate information is estimated to cost businesses billions of dollars each year. Despite such devastating consequences, few resources are available for Internet crime.

Not only is there a need for technical ability and know how, such must relate to that of proper investigation technique and best practices. Premium Protection & Security Services is fully licensed and insured as an investigative company and has the experience, tools and network to assist anywhere in the world.

Premium Protection & Security Services provides Corporations with the tools and resources in response to the need and demand. With these hosts of services NPI can assist with your every need. You get to benefit from our over Almost 25 years of experience and relationships.

Here are the online investigation services we cover:

Data Forensics/I.T. Investigations

Computer Crime Seminars

Preparation and Review of Corporate Information Security Policies & Procedures

Corporate Awareness program development for Information Security

Audit/Compliance Services

Information Security Risk Assessments

Determination of Cyber Based Threats

Root Cause Analysis

Investigative support


Background Investigations

Risk Management and Information Security management

International people trace and investigations

VIP Protection/Planning

Strike Management

* If the Criminal Record Check locates one or more convictions, complete details of the charges will be provided.