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Enhance your security measures with our comprehensive range of additional security services in Burlington, tailored to meet your specific needs and ensure utmost protection for your assets and peace of mind.

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We are always here to help you protect your family and business. Our Premium Protection & Security services are affordable and discreet.

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What Other Security and Protection Services Do We Offer?

All services include face-to-face initial meeting, updates during the course of the investigation, and a final comprehensive written report providing clear, well-documented proofs that can be used for legal recourse, including HD-video and/or still photography materials.

Don’t see what you need here? Don’t worry – we do it all! Below is a list of some of our other most common investigative services for private individuals and businesses in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara regions.

Our other protection and security services we offer include:

  • verified_user Activity Check
  • verified_user Caregiver/Housekeeper
  • verified_user Cargo/Warehouse Theft
  • verified_user Concierge services
  • verified_user Corporate Intelligence
  • verified_user Criminal History Check
  • verified_user Custody & Alimony Investigations
  • verified_user Daily Activities Check
  • verified_user Degree or Confirmation of Disability
  • verified_user Employee ‘Theft of ‘Time’
  • verified_user Employment Status
  • verified_user Illegal Drug Use
  • verified_user Internal External Theft and Fraud
  • verified_user Medical Aid Devices
  • verified_user Missing Inventory Investigations
  • verified_user Nanny Watch
  • verified_user Ownership
  • verified_user Previous Accident Claim
  • verified_user Property Title, Registry and Proprietary Information Theft
  • verified_user Restrictions and Limitations Senior Care Audit
  • verified_user Statement and Interview Investigations
  • verified_user Surveillance of Valuable Shipment Containers
  • verified_user Suspicious Workplace Activity
  • verified_user Undercover Operations
  • verified_user W.S.I.B.
  • verified_user Work Related Injury Claims
  • verified_user Workplace Violence and Threats
  • verified_user Youth Watch