Corporate Investigations

Uncover the truth and protect your corporate interests with our expert corporate investigations in Burlington, providing in-depth and discreet solutions to address potential risks and ensure business integrity.

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Our Corporate Business Investigative Services

All services include face-to-face initial meeting, updates during the course of the investigation, and a final comprehensive written report providing clear, well-documented proofs that can be used for legal recourse, including HD-video and/or still photography materials.

When a need arises, a thorough, credible internal investigation is critical for an organization to identify and to address actual or possible acts of misconduct by its own employees, customers or vendors. P.I.S. helps to create an environment of maximum profits through many means. Whether by preventing losses due to theft of product, information or time or simply hiring the right employees in the first place, we can help. P.I.S. provides information to business owners, managers, executives and H/R personnel, which allows them to make informed decisions.

The truth is that suspicious activity does occur at some point in most business or environments. The sooner an employer can deal with the situation, the less chance of substantial loss, whether in product or delicate company information. P.I.S. can assist your company in reducing those risks and most important of all, helping your business succeed.

Here are the corporate investigation services we cover:

Employee Theft

Record Searches

Skip Trace Surveillance (All types)

Counter- Surveillance

Undercover Operations

Workers Compensation

Statement Taking

Asset Searches

Expert Witness

Missing Persons

Installation of Hidden/Covert Video

Litigation Support

Credential Verification

Education Verification

Credit Checks

Employment Reference Verification

Driver’s Abstract

Address Verification

Bankruptcy Inquiries

Civil Litigation Inquiries

Criminal Record Checks ( Canada wide)*

* If the Criminal Record Check locates one or more convictions, complete details of the charges will be provided.